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About Parent Reflections


At OnlyMums & OnlyDads we often encounter parents questioning what it really means to put children first during and after separation.


To cut through the vast quantities of trite and often meaningless ‘advice’ we are looking for parents who have been through separation and are willing to share some reflections on how they did or didn’t cope with putting their children first during this process.


We hope that by sharing your experience with others who are at the beginning of the separation process (or going through it) that we can build a valuable resource written by parents for parents. Something you did may help another parent; it may only be one small thing but it could really make a difference.


If you would like to take part then please answer the questions below: we don’t need lots of detail, please keep it short.


Thinking about how you managed your children’s needs during your separation:


  1. What did you do well?

  2. What didn’t you do quite so well?

  3. If you were to give one piece of advice to a parent going through separation what would it be?

  4. How have the decisions you made then affected the life you are living today?


You do not have to put your name to it if you don’t want too - however we would like to be able to share your first name and the town you live in so that people know its authentic.  If you would also like to send us a photo please do.

Please send to: or


By sending us this you are agreeing that we can publish it on OnlyMums/OnlyDads and on our various social media platforms. We reserve the write not to publish and or edit if we feel that that the content is not appropriate.


With thanks to Dr Angharad Rudkin for giving us her time on this project. Chartered Psychologist (BPS), MA(Oxon), AFBPsS, Registered Psychological Practitioner (HCPC).

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