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About You


If you are reading this, you will probably have divorce / separation in the background. Our guess is you will be doing everything to put your children first when you may not be entirely sure what it means to look after yourself anymore.


The parents who use our website tend to be those who acknowledge their children have a both a mum and a dad. In most cases they are having to find new ways to communicate with each other.


Putting your children first when your life is in turmoil is far from easy. For a start your own emotional wellbeing is under huge stress – maybe there is a sense of failure; exhaustion; anxiety... alongside that these negatives there are the practical issues that have to be faced such as housing, finances; contact with the ex, the list is long. 


We don’t deal in silver bullets or even advice! We do know that listening to other parents, hearing how they coped; what worked and as importantly what didn’t work for them, coupled with some professional input can, does, make things better!


Rebecca & Bob

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