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Enjoy every second you can with your children

What did you do well?

Always made time for the children. All communications via email; always assume they're going to be read by court; keep everything. Without this lies could have gone unchallenged and the children might not be seeing me today.

What didn't you do quite so well?

During the marriage I'd been walking on egg-shells. I carried on like this post separation and allowed my ex to continue to dictate matters, make untrue assertions etc. This meant that I accepted her control of the time the children spent with me and the relationship suffered a deterioration (until it got so bad, that it all returned to court and her lies etc were shown up - see above).

If you were to give one piece of advice to a parent going through separation what would it be?

Enjoy every second you can with the children.

How have the decisions you made then affected the life you are living today?

As a result of above this year saw ten court hearings culminating in my ex finally being admonished by the court and prohibited from seeking to reduce the time the children spent with me (amongst other things). If I'd been more assertive at the start this may (but only "may") have been avoided.

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