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Fear can be the worst thing

What did you do well?

I had a constant belief that I could raise them well singlehandedly. Fear can be the worst thing.

What didn't you do quite so well?

Delegating responsibility and taking a break. I only ever left the boys to work but should have perhaps had a some time for me. Balance is crucial but super tough for single parents.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a parent going through separation what would it be?

Be as communicative as possible with your ex partner, try (albeit easier said than done) to always put the children first. This can be hugely difficult when you are potentially litigating over the finances but do try.

How have the decisions you made then affected the life you are living today?

I am now far prouder than I ever have been, the boys have become wonderful young men and it is down to me. They do learn by example and need constant guidance and support. Putting them first can be tough but necessary such that they are not affected negatively by decisions made by the adults in their lives.

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